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DevOps Coaching ( 40 Weeks ) / 50 Pounds Monthly

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- Weekly Coaching Sessions+All Content W1 Building your cv W2 Finding your skills gap and trends W3 Understanding your cognition W4 Problem-solving techniques W5 Ultimate Setup for Success W6 Future Authoring Program W7 Understanding your Conation W8 Toolset W9 Connecting the dots W10 Getting recommendations W11 Upselling contracts and leverages ( multi contracts ) W12 How to talk to recruiters ( roleplay interviews ) W13 Setting up companies all over the globe W14 Immigration and tips/tricks W15 Setting up a team of assistants W16 Getting remote contracts W17 How to work effectively with IT recruitment agencies & recruiters W18 Reading and Writing Contracts ins and outs(pitfalls) W19 Cognitive Dissonance and resetting mindset W20 Closing contracts at a higher rate W21 Detailed LinkedIn direct response marketing W22 Bookkeeping for Contractors W23 DevOps Maturity Model W24 Estimations in contracts W25 Cloud design patterns W26 Microservices W27 How to cross the chasm W28 Effective feedback collection W29 How to learn faster and effectively? W30 DevOps ecosystem W31 CI / CD Delivery / CD Deployment W32 Skillstree and dependencies W30 DevOps ecosystem W31 CI / CD Delivery / CD Deployment W32 Skillstree and dependencie W33 Get to know yourself in 3 dimensions W34 Setting up shop and getting a base W35 Serverless W36 How to build contract profiles W37 Content Generation W38 Social Media Marketing W39 Income Sheet W40 Exit strategy

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DevOps Coaching, £50.00/month


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