I am actually a developer/coder and currently hired for the development of a cloud (it's near to PaaS).
Most cloud courses gives an overview of IaaS, PaaS, Saas from outside without going into internal
architecture details and explain how to use them. They don't actually teach how to create your own.
Your course actually teach us how to create our own IaaS.

I think your course is useful to anyone who is directly or indirectly related to cloud technology.
Also it's useful for those who are interested in IaaS or PaaS or SaaS or want to know how cloud technology really works.

By the way, I am enjoying your course very much.
Thanks for sharing this knowledge :)

Robert N, FL

"A great coaching system than can boost your contracting image image. I have used Erdem's tactics to land my latest contract."

Zeki G, Cambridge

“I have started working on the courses with Erdem and I have just got a promotion in my company.Thanks a lot”


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