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6 Hours to Complete Synology Business Active Backup

The task was initiated at 8 pm and we spent a total of 6 hours to complete it. However, I encountered a problem during the process. The issue was that the size of the version was not as expected, and there was no backup available that could append the original one, creating a major issue. As a result, I cannot have too many versions in the NAS due to the space limitations, which is a significant concern that needs to be addressed. Overall, the task was completed successfully, although it took longer than anticipated due to the unexpected problem that arose.

I'm considering purchasing a network switch that supports 5GBE, such as the Ubiquiti Networks UniFi US-XG-6PO. Having a switch with this capability would greatly enhance my network's speed and efficiency. With the ability to handle higher bandwidth, I would be able to stream high-quality video and audio content without any lag or buffering. Additionally, it would improve my ability to transfer large files between devices and improve the overall performance of my network. Overall, investing in a high-quality switch with advanced capabilities is a wise decision for anyone looking to optimize their network's performance and speed.


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