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Easiest way to learn customers

In order to achieve success using the ESBI system from Robert Kiyosaki, individuals in the B and I quadrants must have a deep understanding of their customers. This involves not only S quadrant activities but also other means of expanding knowledge. One potential approach is to establish a presence on Upwork and actively seek out contracts, as this can provide valuable opportunities to learn more about customers and their needs. By taking the time to ask customers questions, individuals in the B and I quadrants can gain a better understanding of their preferences and needs. With this knowledge, they can tailor their products or services to better meet their customers' needs. Moreover, by building relationships with customers, individuals in the B and I quadrants can ensure long-term success and continued growth. Additionally, it is important to keep up with market trends and industry developments, as this can help individuals in the B and I quadrants stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive. By staying informed about the latest developments in their field, individuals in the B and I quadrants can make strategic decisions that position them for long-term success.


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