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I am a professional DevOps Contractor. I have been working as a DevOps Contractor internationally. I have worked on 30+ contracts over 20 years.I have worked with software developers, system operators and other production IT staff to oversee code releases and deployments.


DevOps10+ years
End to end Implementation15+ years
Internationally available & Contribute immediately 5+ years
Security Cleared & Insured & Ready to Join 15+ years
Delivery Focus with SoW20+ years

Services / Solutions

Infrastructure Management
10+ Contracts

Infrastructure management is a fundamental building block for any organization striving to achieve a DevOps methodology. I can work with your company to utilize the cloud in improving scalability and reliability.Examples: Migrations, database scaling, environment setup, pipeline and cloud migrations...etc

Estimation & Inspection & Integration
5+ Contracts

Clean code is the foundation of continuous integration. As an experienced DevOps engineer, I can work with your team to help test and improve code, verify artifacts for deployment, and help ensure quality build and code reports.Estimation for software development life cycle includes small,medium,enterprise levels

Configuration Management
5+ Contracts

Configuration management standardizes resource configurations and enforces their state across IT infrastructure. I can help your company do this in an agile and automated manner. Infrastructure As Code (Iac) for the projects with Terraform,Cloudformation,Ansible.

Automation Service
15+ Contracts

Automating the deployment process makes companies more efficient and agile while reducing overall production time and the associated risk. Aws Step functions,Lambda projects, Azure logic apps,enterprise gateways

10+ Contracts

Build multiple pipelines with TeamCity,Octopus,Azure DevOps,Aws

Environment Setup
10+ Contracts

Google Cloud Platform,Azure Cloud Solution Architect, AWS early bird

20+ Contracts

Rational Unified Process, leading the documentation effort in projects

Disaster Recovery
5+ Contracts

Mozy,Azure Site Recovery, StoreSimple implementations,24x7 applications...etc

Scale-up and out infras
5+ Contracts

Build early bird infras for billion views in AWS,highly scaled redis...etc

About Me

Achievement Highlights

  • Worked as a cloud solution architect at Microsoft transforming enterprises.
  • WManager at Accenture and responsible for the quality assurance.
  • Built an actively used social platform for British American Tobacco.
  • Architected an ad server platform that serves up to billion views per month.
  • Built a personality assessment program that was used by a million users.
  • Built a 24x7 monitoring system for world-leading sports gaming provider.
  • Set up CI/CD systems for a leading white-label Bitcoin exchange system.
  • Built a secure microservice platform for the Ireland train system.
  • Built a Kubernetes platform for a telecom company on-premise.
  • Rewarded as Most Valuable professional of object-oriented database Versant.
  • Contributed to open source communities.
  • Natural intelligence project lead.

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