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Proof Of Concept

Proof of concept, also known as proof of principle, is a realization of a certain idea, method or principle in order to demonstrate its feasibility, or viability, or a demonstration in principle with the aim of verifying that some concept or theory has practical potential.

The utilization of Release Train Engineering, powered by cutting-edge AI-based Logic Apps, aims to revolutionize and streamline the sales process. This automation focuses specifically on the crucial stage of lead generation for DevSecOps Contracts. By leveraging such advanced technologies, not only can we increase efficiency and reduce manual intervention, but we can also significantly enhance the accuracy of our lead-generation process. This ultimately leads to improved conversion rates and greater profitability, making it a powerful tool in the ever-competitive business landscape.

Tech Stack


Sandbox triggers

GCP OAuth to process the leads in the system for the manually passed leads. Using the Google toolkit and the Json to repopulate the leads.


Serverless State Machine

Run the state machine using the existing connectors in the UK South data region.


Lead Capture

Database to storage the leads for the marketing not to spam the same recruiter.

Tech Stack


SAS Tools

 Gmail, Google Suite tools to be used to send emails to recruiters

Infrastructure As Code

Diagnostic implementation


Run powershell scripts

Automated scripts to create the link for the diagnostics for the logic apps to connect them to storage and Event Hub

Tech Stack

Microsoft Teams

Messaging Tools

Instant messaging to do the continuous integration.


Automation Templates

Practical implementation of the API tools hosted in Azure marketplace for the state machine

Log Analytics

Multi functuion monitoring

Logging into the same workspace to be able to monitor 100+ logic apps to coordinate the workflow

Tech Stack

Azure Functions


Azure, Functions are used to do complex data manipulations and use the modern languages where we need to use the libraries that are not available for the state machine

Text Analytics

Create custom cover letter

Text Analytics using the GPT function to be able to create a custom response.



Storage for the persistence of the system for the logic apps coordination for the log analytics debugging.

Tech Stack

Search Service

Debug the text service

Search Service used to debug the GPT output.

Application Analytics

Performance Stats

Showing the performance metrics for the state machine

Smart Detector Rule


Practical flagging on the data that is being provided

Tech Stack

Sql Database

Persistance for the leads

SQL Database is used to store the lead information.

Azure Data Explorer


Azure Data Explorer to investigate the logs generated by the event hub.


Realtime debugging

EventHub is used to coordinate multiple logic apps at the same time. Be able to diagnose at realtime and have the logs for the services that is not running as expected.

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